Children with Special Needs

specialOral health is a vital component of healthy daily living, but for some children with special needs, establishing a good oral health routine can be difficult. With patience, perseverance and determination, many of these challenges can be overcome. Children with special needs may experience more dental problems due to sensitivities around the mouth, diet, difficulty with brushing, and difficulty accessing dental care. Furthermore, many are seldom able to verbalize complaints about any dental problems they may be experiencing. It is for these reasons that establishing good oral habits at home and taking your child for regular dental check-ups are essential for optimal overall health.

At American Pediatric Dental Group, utilizes several techniques to help children with special needs.  Our dedicated team provides show-and-tell methods to ensure they have a good experience.  For patients with sensory sensitivities, we offer desensitization visits such as repeated visits to help these young patients improve their experience. We have private rooms available, and our staff receives extensive training in the care of patients with special needs. Our dental team takes pride in our ability to care for special needs patients, and we continually educate ourselves in order to serve our patients with the highest standard of care.  We recommend children with special needs be seen in the morning when they are well rested and more cooperative.   During the morning, the office typically has less waiting time which will help young children remain relaxed.

Pediatric dentists are specialists with two or three years of additional training in the care and management of children, adolescents and special needs patients. In addition, their post-graduate training includes understanding the psychology of child behavior. These specialists are in a unique position to care for patients with special needs. We also have general dentists on staff who have chosen to dedicate their practice of dentistry to seeing children, and although they are not "specialists" by degree, they do have the practical, hands-on experience, which makes them capable and excellent providers for all children, including children with special needs. 

When your child has his/her first tooth and no later than his/her 1st birthday, make an appointment to see one of our caring, qualified dentists. By establishing a “dental home” at an early age, you will accustom your child to regular dental visits that are crucial in preventing dental disease.

Make an appointment today at one of our state-of-the-art, kid-friendly, “spa-like” offices! Our offices, conveniently located in Pembroke Pines, Coral Springs, Doral and Kendall, are geared toward the treatment of patients with special needs. 

“We love this office, and Dr. Pena is amazing with my special needs son. The entire office makes him feel special without making him feel different.” – Derek D.

“Both of my daughters received excellent dental care. I would highly recommend American Pediatric Dental Group to other families especially those with ‘special needs children’.” – Amanda D.