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Digital Radiographs

Instead of the child going to the X-ray Unit, we bring the X-ray equipment to the child. With a handheld X-ray unit, we can take radiographs while the child is entertained watching a movie. This latest technology in digital radiography also has the added benefit of emitting less radiation than other forms of X-ray technology*.

*Image Quality and Radiation Dose Comparison for Intraoral Radiography: Hand-held, Battery Powered versus Conventional X-ray Systems, Joel Gray, Ph.D.; Edgar D. Bailey, CHP; John Ludlow (School of Dentistry, University of North Carolina.)

Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas"

nitrousNitrous oxide "laughing gas" is an inhalable gas that helps relieve anxiety and allows the child to have a more pleasant experience during his/her visit to the dentist. With few known side effects, laughing gas is a great tool for fearful and apprehensive patients who are unable to cope with the dental treatment.

Intraoral Camera (Polaris)

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The use of an intraoral camera allows us to take a picture of your child's teeth and show them on a large computer screen. This enables both parents and the dentist to see any cavities, fractures, gum disease, etc. with much more clarity.

Overhead Televisions

overhThe comfort of your child is of paramount importance to us. We provide entertainment and movies while your child receives dental treatment. This form of distraction has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress in fearful patients. In fact, the use of television has reduced the number of children needing more advanced behavior management techniques such as sedation and hospital dentistry.